In Kyrgyzstan, the second-largest Chinese marketplace, JD, will be launched


Kyrgyzstan plans to launch the marketplace. It is the second largest Chinese e-commerce and services marketplace after the Alibaba Group. This was announced by the head of the e-commerce Association, Aybek Kurenkeev, as reported by

According to him, the JD marketplace will focus on passive sales. It is reported that the association has signed a memorandum through the Chinese embassy under the guidance of the Ministry of Economy. He added that entrepreneurs from Kyrgyzstan will be able to trade not only in China but worldwide.

"I believe that within the next two to three months, a national pavilion will be opened, and a separate landing page will be allocated for Kyrgyzstan," he concluded.

JD is a Chinese public company engaged in e-commerce, online trading, logistics, retail, and marketing. It is one of the largest players in the Chinese segment, serving both individual customers and businesses.