About the project
Public Procurement and Logistics Observatory (PPLO) is a platform for monitoring procurement processes and promoting best practices, initiating a dialogue between relevant stakeholders. It will perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of procurement processes in the Kyrgyz Republic, and share them with government officials and citizens through this portal, and blogs, tweets, newsletters, seminars and training. PPLO will also monitor procurement processes, distribute innovative forms of the public procurement system, and defend the best procurement methods in the Kyrgyz Republic. All this promotes cost savings and improved procurement efficiency.
The vision for institutional strengthen public procurement
The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic ensured the establishment of a public procurement system, and further is making efforts to integrate into global supply chains. Mitigating or overcoming this challenge requires a significant enhance the capacity building of the public procurement system. Existing, various short-term workshops and training courses cannot solve this problem. Therefore, it is necessary to launch educational programs at universities for bachelor, master and doctorate in public procurement.
PPLO - development and establishment of criteria for improving the efficiency of public procurement

Together with students and professionals, we set the following tasks: improving public access to information and events in relation to current public procurement of their processes. Track changes in the procurement system and practices of the Kyrgyz Republic and analysis to improve interactions between all participants in the system government procurement.

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Fruit value chain
Abstract: This paper examines to get a clear picture about the status quo of fruit distribution, to identify current drawbacks, also to develop and to implement an end-to-end distribution system, covering the total value chain from the local farmer in the countryside, through regional consolidation points, through consolidation centers in the oblast up to the export preparation and processing. The study encompasses a conceptual framework for stepwise restructuring and transition to an efficient and responsive fruit value chain, tasks and milestones for implementation, accordingly apply following methods: interviews, document analysis, business process modeling techniques, all classical methods weak points analysis, requirement documentation techniques, workshops, network optimization models, facility locations models, transport optimization models, information flow optimization models and use-value analysis. Increasing the export volume of fruits – increasing foreign exchange revenue Ensuring food quality standards through the total production and distribution network Increasing the efficiency of the total production and distribution network Increasing value generation by integrating addition production processes and logistics services Based upon the increase in quantities, quality, efficiency and value generation: Increasing profitability und income throughout the total distribution and production network: from exporters and distributors to the farmers in the countryside Direct contribution to fighting poverty, especially for people in the countryside JEL codes: F 18
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The role of digitalization in the quality assurance of logistics networks
GÁBOR NAGY - research assistant, Institute of Logistics, University of Miskolc ÁGOTA BÁNYAI - associate professor, University of Miskolc BÉLA ILLÉS - univ. professor, University of Miskolc Abstract: Logistics, as one of the most integrated sciences, plays a key role in many segments of company operations. Nowadays, efficient, fast and reliable customer service is important, and to achieve this, companies have begun to operate in a networked manner. In addition to customer satisfaction, an important aspect in today's economic environment is finding the optimal point for each process, thus achieving a cost-effective operation strategy. With regard to the forms of operation, the network structure appeared, which changed the production structure taking place at one location to the multi-location operation. This form of operation has proven to be effective in serving the globalized system approach, but the system alone cannot be effective. It is very important to regulate, maintain, supervise and improve the processes for which quality assurance is responsible. The thesis presents the versions of the logistics network models, their characteristics and the technological solutions present today that can increase the level of quality. Furthermore, using a known method, we present a possible performance measurement procedure for logistics processes. Keywords: logistics network, quality assurance, digitization, performance measurement
Выдающийся вклад в развитие логистики: награждение А.С. Уметалиева медалью «Данк»
Акылбек Жапаров принял участие в Центрально-Азиатском инвестиционном форум
Акылбек Уметалиев эфир на КТРК Изменения в госзакупках Биринчи студия
А. С. Уметалиев “Мамлекеттик сатып алуулар жөнүндөгү” мыйзам долбоорун парламентте талкуулоо
Профессор Акылбек Уметалиев об экономическом эффекте работы золоторудного комбината в КР
Комментарий Акылбека Уметалиева о запуске золоторудного комбината
Презентация открытия «Исследовательский центр логистики и государственных закупок»
MASTER'S PROGRAM "ENGINEERING LOGISTICS" Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakov and the University of Miskolc (Hungary) announce the enrollment of master's students for the 2024-2025 academic year. The University of Miskolc, founded in 1735, has 8 faculties, 29 programs, and ...
The 8th International Scientific and Practical Conference "Urban Transport Logistics: Issues and Solutions," organized with the support of the Mayor's Office of Bishkek, took place on April 29, 2024, at the International School of Logistics of the Kyrgyz State Technical University named after ...
On April 22, 2024, the picturesque town of Lillafüred, Hungary, hosted the Central European Logistics Conference 2024. This significant event, organized by the Logistics Division of the Society of Mechanical Engineering and the Logistics Institute of the University of Miskolc, gathered leading ...
Recently, the lecturers of the International Higher School of Logistics (IHSL) participated in a seminar on "Entrepreneurship Education: Best Practices and Implementation Strategies." The event took place at the I. Razzakov Kyrgyz State Technical University, bringing together leading educators and ...
What are we going to do?
improve public access to information and events related to current public procurement and its processes
facilitate the flow of information between various stakeholders in public procurement
monitor and analyze changes in the procurement system and practice in the Kyrgyz Republic
seize the opportunity to learn lessons from experience and best practices and develop recommendations for future reforms and innovations
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