About the project
Public Procurement and Logistics Observatory (PPLO) is a platform for monitoring procurement processes and promoting best practices, initiating a dialogue between relevant stakeholders. It will perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of procurement processes in the Kyrgyz Republic, and share them with government officials and citizens through this portal, and blogs, tweets, newsletters, seminars and training. PPLO will also monitor procurement processes, distribute innovative forms of the public procurement system, and defend the best procurement methods in the Kyrgyz Republic. All this promotes cost savings and improved procurement efficiency.
The vision for institutional strengthen public procurement
The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic ensured the establishment of a public procurement system, and further is making efforts to integrate into global supply chains. Mitigating or overcoming this challenge requires a significant enhance the capacity building of the public procurement system. Existing, various short-term workshops and training courses cannot solve this problem. Therefore, it is necessary to launch educational programs at universities for bachelor, master and doctorate in public procurement.
PPLO - development and establishment of criteria for improving the efficiency of public procurement

Together with students and professionals, we set the following tasks: improving public access to information and events in relation to current public procurement of their processes. Track changes in the procurement system and practices of the Kyrgyz Republic and analysis to improve interactions between all participants in the system government procurement.

Dzhepparov Enver
15 | 0
Why did I choose the profession of logistics?
Hello, Dear readers, my name is Enver, I am 19 years old, and I’ve graduated from school number one in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. I want to tell you why I chose the profession of logistics. My choice was based on the knowledge that this field plays a vital role in every human’s life because the largest directly influences all export and import prices. Good Logist has to choose the most rational way. What do I mean by that? I mean the best combination of the price-quality and the route. This field requires a professional to be very communicative to keep in touch with all the clients. I want to provide you with An example of Singapore. This country developed from the very poor into one of the world’s wealthiest and most developed countries in a round of 50 years end you may ask how? And I will answer! Singapore decided to concentrate and develop into the market relationships; in other words, expand Import and Export There are millions of goods going through this country every minute, which means Rapid economic growth. As far as I know, logistics took their beginning from the military because militaries always needed the equipment for guns, firepower, and goods. Now I hope you understand the importance of this profession, and all the mentioned above were able to inspire me and make me become a logistics stick person in the future. In the future, I’m sure I’ll be an outstanding professional who will be a leader in a big company playing a crucial role in the world economy.
Zholdoshbekova Aibika
41 | 0
Why did I choose the profession of a logistician?
My future profession is a logistician, less than a year ago I did not even know who logisticians were. But now I honestly realize what a big role they play in the world. And I want to be a part of this area and contribute to the development of the transport industry of the Kyrgyz Republic. I am a first-year student and entered KSTU named after Razzakov on a budget, which was helped by my 61 schools, which I graduated with great pride. And since the profession of a logistician is a profession of predominantly mental work, which is more connected with the reception and processing of information, I realized that this is my life's business and it is time to move in this direction. The logistician controls all processes: Purchase, delivery, transportation, communication with customs and government organizations, packaging and sales. Work in this specialty is not cheap and the demand for specialists in this field is always growing. In addition, in Kyrgyzstan, thanks to transport logistics, 70% of traffic is transported, which will raise our country to a new level. The choice of a profession is especially important in our time, things will soon come our turn to develop and provide for our country, but the majority shift this choice to parents, society. Thus, people appear who do not achieve heights in their work, reducing the quality of projects, products, materials, etc. Making an informed choice, we ourselves take responsibility for our studies and further work. And no obstacle will prevent someone who has goals and desire to raise their level of norms and the standard of living in their country.
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What are we going to do?
improve public access to information and events related to current public procurement and its processes
facilitate the flow of information between various stakeholders in public procurement
monitor and analyze changes in the procurement system and practice in the Kyrgyz Republic
seize the opportunity to learn lessons from experience and best practices and develop recommendations for future reforms and innovations
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