Akylbek Umetaliev

Akylbek Umetaliev

Team Leader

Akylbek Umetaliev is currently the head of the Department of logistics at KSTU named after I. Razzakov. Akylbek Umetaliev's practical experience is combined with deep and fundamental theoretical knowledge in the field of Economics, management and logistics. He has extensive management experience as a top Manager in the mining industry, in private industrial companies and in development projects funded by the World Bank. The experience of interaction between Akylbek Umetaliev and state authorized bodies was successfully implemented when creating the Department of Logistics at the University.

Akylbek Umetaliev graduated From the Academy of Management under the President of the Russian Federation. Has a diploma in the following spheres: mechanical engineer, top manager. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Ministry of Ttransport and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic. Participated in the training of Schulih School of Business, York University in Toronto (Canada) and in the training on project cycle management in Turin (Italy).

He has extensive experience in conducting forums, seminars and courses.

Speaks English, Kyrgyz, Russian and Chinese (HSK initial-59, HSK 1-180, HSK 2-145).

At PPLO he is the team leader and ensures integration, interaction, coordinates and corrects the work of the entire team, as well as supervises the entire process of creating the Observatory.