How did I choose the profession of a logistics?

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Sultanova Sezim

My future profession is a logistician. Why did I choose this profession? I believe that this profession is primarily in demand and very interesting. In my opinion, this profession is becoming one of the professions of the century and is in great demand. The very word "logistics" means "calculation". The logistician must control all processes such as: purchase, delivery, transportation, packaging and sales. Logistician should have such qualities as purposefulness, organization. But I think that first of all a logistician should be an excellent negotiator and possess such quality as: sociability. I have been trying for a very long time to find exactly my field of activity.After all, this is the most important decision in the life of each of us. You need to choose a profession very carefully and thoughtfully. After all, then you have to work all your life exactly in the profession that you have chosen. I think that you need to choose a profession that you will love in the future, and on which you can then earn a living. Isn't it?

Yes, I have been thinking for a very long time, looking for exactly "something of mine". I went through all the professions, but when I got deeper, got acquainted with the logistics profession, I realized that I was very interested in this activity and that I wanted and would move on from this profession. Having studied what responsibilities are included in this profession, which I described at the beginning of my essay, I am one hundred percent sure that I want to learn, study and work in this field further