Why did I choose Logistics?

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Karymshakov Bekzhan

As a child, I wanted to become a businessman like a parent. And I think that many wanted to follow in the footsteps of their parents. After all, for whom else if not for the parents. But having matured, you have your own desires, dreams, you want to learn something new. Roughly speaking, a dream job. And I can confidently say that I have found a dream job for myself, and this is logistics. Of course it's no secret that, first of all, logistics attracted me with a large income. It is also a very promising job that is gaining popularity in our country. Now many people order clothes, gadgets, and various things from different countries. It is easier for someone to order something for themselves than to go somewhere to the bazaar or shopping center. And this work also requires discipline and responsibility, as well as being attentive to every little detail so that the cargo arrives at the exact address. To many, this work may seem difficult or dangerous, but as for me, there are difficulties and risks everywhere, so everyone chooses for himself where it will be more pleasant for him to work. The work is interesting, you get to know many people and draw up various contracts with different companies, both private and public, in order to do the job efficiently and quickly. Perhaps you will be able to see other countries for work. Unfortunately, so far I cannot boast of the fact that at least I work in this area, not to mention the position. But everything is ahead, I am young and ambitious, I hope in the near future I can confidently say that I have my own logistics company. It requires no small effort, but I think I can handle it. In my opinion, logistics is the area where I can open up and learn a lot of new things. And that's why for me this is a dream job, that's why I chose logistics.