Why did I choose the profession of logistics?

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Mamatisaev Arsen

Why did I choose this profession? Because logistics is a very interesting science. I would like to note that it is science that deals with the organization of joint work of several managers of different departments of one or several companies. Logistics is a big business. It involves many thousands of companies of absolutely different profiles – both transportation, and information, and many others. The basic principle of logistics is a systematic approach, this is how it is possible to establish a stable and clear functioning of any divisions of the company, as well as to fulfill all customer requirements.

The term "Logistics" appeared originally in the quartermaster service of the armed forces. In the Byzantine Empire, there were "logisticians" at the court of the emperor, whose duties included the distribution of food.

Now you understand the importance of this profession. That's what inspired me to connect my future with logistics.