The role of digitalization in the quality assurance of logistics networks

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GÁBOR NAGY - research assistant, Institute of Logistics, University of Miskolc

ÁGOTA BÁNYAI - associate professor, University of Miskolc

BÉLA ILLÉS - univ. professor, University of Miskolc


Logistics, as one of the most integrated sciences, plays a key role in many segments of company operations. Nowadays, efficient, fast and reliable customer service is important, and to achieve this, companies have begun to operate in a networked manner. In addition to customer satisfaction, an important aspect in today's economic environment is finding the optimal point for each process, thus achieving a cost-effective operation strategy. With regard to the forms of operation, the network structure appeared, which changed the production structure taking place at one location to the multi-location operation. This form of operation has proven to be effective in serving the globalized system approach, but the system alone cannot be effective. It is very important to regulate, maintain, supervise and improve the processes for which quality assurance is responsible. The thesis presents the versions of the logistics network models, their characteristics and the technological solutions present today that can increase the level of quality. Furthermore, using a known method, we present a possible performance measurement procedure for logistics processes.

Keywords: logistics network, quality assurance, digitization, performance measurement