Logistics and me

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Ilyin Ilya

For a long time I tried to find my own profession, to which I will devote my whole life, into which I will go headlong. I started thinking about this after finishing ninth grade. My reflections and searches took two years. Before writing ORT (nationwide testing), I already stopped at individual entrepreneurship. But after writing ORT, holding a certificate with 176 points on the main test, I changed my mind. There were many options for admission, what should you choose? Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, Kyrgyz State National University, Bishkek Humanitarian University, and maybe even go abroad?

But at one point my older brother advises me to study for the profession of a logistician. What? Why not, and what is logistics? I start looking for information on the Internet, asking friends from this area. My interest is growing. It seems that this is exactly what I would like to do in life. But which university should you apply to? I remember that my acquaintances study at the Department of Logistics at the Kyrgyz State Technical University, who then tell me what prospects await me when entering KSTU named after Razzakov, namely at the department of the Kyrgyz-German Technical Institute. Namely, smart guys from all over our country, wonderful teachers who know their job, the opportunity to fly to Germany to study, and if you try, then to work. Resolved! I am submitting documents.

All men have been and are engaged in logistics in our family, while none of them has a special education. Their knowledge is based on personal experience. On the ups and downs. At one time, my father was involved in the transportation of goods from Kyrgyzstan to Russia and back. Currently, my uncle is sending fruits (apples, pears, apricots, etc.) to Russia. Since childhood, I saw and knew what logistics is. I firmly decided to follow in the footsteps of my relatives, as this is a very interesting business.

You can work as a logistician both in a campaign and for yourself. At this point in time, logisticians are in great demand, almost any organization, company, enterprise needs them, since the manufactured products must be delivered to customers. It seems to me that the profession of a logistician is quite promising, since a good logistician must know foreign languages, have skills in working with a PC and have a mathematical mindset. This profession makes it possible to visit different countries and cities at work, to get acquainted with the culture of different peoples. Well, and of course, in this occupation, I am attracted by the salary, the work of logisticians is well encouraged with salaries, both in our country and abroad. I understand that being a logistician is a big responsibility. I must have analytical thinking, leadership qualities and the ability to lead not only on the object, but also at a distance. Knowledge in geography is also important. Understanding water basins and looking for profitable routes is what is required from a logistician. Social studies cannot be dispensed with. Here you need to know economics and politics, be able to communicate with people. We must not forget about languages, if I want to work with foreign companies, English and German are mandatory. You also need to be an excellent psychologist, be able to find an approach to any person in order to make deals.

Many of my acquaintances do not consciously choose their future profession, the first part goes where everyone goes, and the second goes where the parents go. Subsequently, these people will hate their work, which means they are unlikely to make a good specialist. You need to enter any profession with interest, with a desire to work, to learn something new, with a desire to achieve something in life, and then everything will definitely work out!