My future profession is Logistics

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Gadzhiev Dany

One of the main problems of students is the lack of a concept of their future profession. After all, this is a responsible step in life. The choice of profession depends entirely on you, as it should bring not only money but also pleasure. My future profession is logistics.

Logistics is an interesting science of planning, organizing, and creating conditions for controlling material and related flows in production areas. This process is necessary to achieve the goals of the organization with the most optimal costs.

Logistician – a person who organizes deliveries from one point to another. The logistics profession is included in the list of the ten most popular professions of the near future. Undoubtedly, this profession is important for society, although the work of logisticians remains unnoticed by consumers of goods or services. It is thanks to these people that you can judge the level of service of any company and make a choice in favor of professionals.

In my opinion, a representative of this profession should have analytical thinking, leadership qualities, and the ability to lead not only directly on the spot, but also at a distance.

Every logistician should have the ability to see the big picture, consisting of small puzzles-route selection, inventory management, order formation, and much more.

The work of logisticians is not the easiest. Therefore, you need to have good analytical skills, as well as the ability to solve many problems at any time and in any state, to understand the principles of transportation, to have nerves of steel. No matter what, I will cultivate all these qualities in myself and become a logistician who will benefit society.