Design of a procurement guide for private preschool institutions on the example of the SP "Rukhiy-Muras"

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Azima Isaeva

In 2021, 42 bachelors and 8 masters of the "Logistics" direction of the Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakov have successfully completed their final papers. Of the 50 students, 43 were rated excellent, 7 - a good. Procurement Logistics students have also submitted excellent final papers in analytical, research and applied areas. On the page of our website, we will constantly publish the most relevant works of our students.

Representatives of large and medium businesses in their procurement activities are constantly harmonizing and applying the principles and procedures of public procurement. An illustrative example is the graduation work of a student Azima Isaeva on the topic: "Design of a procurement guide for private preschool institutions on the example of the SP " Rukhiy-Muras ".


Protecting the health and development of the younger generation is the most important strategic task of the state and society, since the foundation of the health and moral quality of an adult is laid precisely in childhood. A large number of goods and services are provided on the market, sometimes they do not meet the quality standard, at a low price and are not safe, thereby causing a particularly high risk of harm to the health of children. Another common reason for the presence of unsafe goods in educational organizations is that employees of procuring organizations, including tender commissions, procurement departments, do not have a sufficient understanding of the environmental characteristics of goods and make choices without considering the described risks. In the first chapter, I examined the general concepts of the procurement sector and the general requirements for the safety of goods and services provided for private preschool institutions. I also showed how to efficiently purchase goods, what technical, sanitary, legal and state standards they must comply with. In the second chapter, I analyzed the private preschool institutions SP " Rukhiy-Muras ". I counted all the costs, expenses and profits of the company. I built a logical-graphical tree of problems, which clearly shows what is the main problem of the enterprise, its causes and consequences. And in the third chapter I wrote the “7 steps” guide.