How did I choose the profession of a logistics?

How did I choose the profession of a logistics?
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Jeenkulova Aziza

Hello! My name is Aziza Jeenkulova, I'm 17 years old. I am a student of the Kyrgyz-German Technical Institute. I could not decide for a very long time what specialty to choose, from one to another from the 9th grade. Since childhood, I dreamed of becoming a beautician, but I realized that medicine is not mine and is not ready to study. Then I wanted to become a marketer, I realized that I did not Unfortunately, I could not fly for family reasons. I gave up, deciding that everything, I did not want to enter. And in the summer my friend offered me to enter KSTU and Ishaka Razakov at the faculty of KSTI and choose the specialty "logist". I thought and decided that I would enter, studied the profession, I really liked it. I have allocated a few points for myself:

1) To study German

2) the profession is highly paid

3) the profession is in demand

4) very good opportunities.

Well, this is my story of choosing a profession, in the future, I am sure that I will succeed and I will be a sought-after specialist.