Why did I choose the profession of a logistician?

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Zholdoshbekova Aibika

My future profession is a logistician, less than a year ago I did not even know who logisticians were. But now I honestly realize what a big role they play in the world. And I want to be a part of this area and contribute to the development of the transport industry of the Kyrgyz Republic.

I am a first-year student and entered KSTU named after Razzakov on a budget, which was helped by my 61 schools, which I graduated with great pride. And since the profession of a logistician is a profession of predominantly mental work, which is more connected with the reception and processing of information, I realized that this is my life's business and it is time to move in this direction.

The logistician controls all processes: Purchase, delivery, transportation, communication with customs and government organizations, packaging and sales. Work in this specialty is not cheap and the demand for specialists in this field is always growing. In addition, in Kyrgyzstan, thanks to transport logistics, 70% of traffic is transported, which will raise our country to a new level.

The choice of a profession is especially important in our time, things will soon come our turn to develop and provide for our country, but the majority shift this choice to parents, society. Thus, people appear who do not achieve heights in their work, reducing the quality of projects, products, materials, etc. Making an informed choice, we ourselves take responsibility for our studies and further work. And no obstacle will prevent someone who has goals and desire to raise their level of norms and the standard of living in their country.