Why did I chose the profession of a logistician?

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Ruslanova Azima

Hello! My name is Azima, I am 17 years old, I am a student of the Kyrgyz-German Technical Faculty. Like many guys, for a very long time I couldn't decide on the choice of my future craft. A lot of things were interesting, I wanted to try everything. Being a graduate of the 11th grade, I decided to think seriously about my profession. Nowadays it’s very easy to develop yourself in the field that interests you, but not every activity can ensure your future life. And it’s very important to find a job that will not only appeal to you, but also bring you a stable income. This step should be approached with special responsibility.

It turns out that I have never heard of the existence of such an area as "Logistics". My mother told me about it, and told me how this activity is very much in demand in the labor market at the moment. Having studied the details of this specialty, I discovered many attractive moments for myself. Exactly:

  1. Work consists of negotiations, that is, in communicating with people. It's interesting to work with different people, different contingent.
  2. Good and stable earnings.
  3. Does not harm the state of health.
  4. Logisticians are needed in all companies, which mean that it will be possible to find a job abroad.

In the future, being already a specialist, I believe that I will be able to contribute to the development of this broad industry.