Guest lecture at the International Higher School of Logistics: The role of IPMA in project management development


On November 1, 2023, the International School of Logistics hosted an engaging guest lecture dedicated to the IPMA research project titled "Role in Supporting the Development of a Project-Oriented Society." The distinguished speaker at the event was Dr. Reinhard Wagner, a renowned scientist and former Chairman of the Council and President of the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

During the lecture, key aspects of the IPMA research project related to the development of project management were discussed, which undoubtedly brings immense benefits to society as a whole. This event provided a unique experience for the exchange of knowledge and opinions, appreciated by all attendees. Thanks to Dr. Reinhard Wagner, the field of project management has received a new impetus.

The International Project Management Association, or IPMA, is a global organization dedicated to the promotion and development of project management on a global scale. IPMA brings together professionals and organizations involved in project management, providing them with a platform for knowledge and experience exchange.

The association has member organizations and representations in various countries and regions, and its main goal is to create a unified global network for the exchange of knowledge and experience in project management. Additionally, IPMA regularly organizes various events, including conferences, seminars, and competitions, to support its members and contribute to the development of project management worldwide.