The vision for institutional strengthen public procurement

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Akylbek Umetaliev
The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic ensured the establishment of a public procurement system, and further is making efforts to integrate into global supply chains. Mitigating or overcoming this challenge requires a significant enhance the capacity building of the public procurement system. Existing, various short-term workshops and training courses cannot solve this problem. Therefore, it is necessary to launch educational programs at universities for bachelor, master and doctorate in public procurement. Universities should become the dissemination center of science, research and good practice for procurement professionals. The authorized public procurement agency, procuring entities, suppliers and contractors, business community and civil society involved in public procurement processes should closely cooperate and interact with universities. Established Public Procurement and Logistics Observatory at the Kyrgyz State Technical University has competent lecturers, teachers and researchers, also bachelors and masters for professional activities in public procurement and World Bank projects. Bachelors and masters have knowledge and skills in managing the complete procurement process - planning, specification development, supplier market analysis, customer requirements, transportation and delivery design, contract administration, procurement benchmarking, conduct research of problems on the effectiveness of public procurement. We have created close relations with procuring entities, suppliers, contractors, the expert community and civil society. Another feature of our integrated approach to supply chain management is the adoption of some form of synchronization of the customer’s and supplier’s processes (Donald Waters).