Logistics and me

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Taalaibek uulu Azat

For a very long time I have been trying to find my own field of activity. After all, this is a very important step. You need to choose a profession very carefully. Find all the pros and cons. After all, it is in this profession that you have to work your whole life.

I would like to start this essay on the path where I began to enter adulthood in small steps, so I studied for 3 years in college in the profession of network maintenance and computing. At first, I imagined it in a completely different way, to deal with technology, work on cool projects and can even make a robot, but it turned out to be just a small dream and in simple words saying "Expectation and reality." After graduating from college, I did not have a lot of professional experience and the vacancies that I could apply for required at least 1 year of experience, and it was also not a very good salary and conditions. After all this, I decided to completely change the level to which I want to devote my energy and precious time. So I went over everything, from a teacher to an entrepreneur. But then I heard about the logistician. This is a person involved in organizing supplies from one point to another. Having studied all the duties of a person in this profession, I began to think, maybe this is the work of my life?

I really wanted to talk with people who work in this class, to find out whether they like their choice or not. I got acquainted with the logistician Alexander Lee. He told me that he himself was looking for his own business, according to the same criteria as me. And this, 1) work should be associated with communication; 2) highly paid; 3) not posing a danger to health; 4) the profession should be in demand. And so, focusing on these criteria, Alexander entered a profession called a logistician. He enlightened me that due to the fact that few people know about this profession, it is very highly paid. Working in this area, you can really buy yourself an apartment, a car, have a rest abroad and not deny yourself anything, and this is not even bad by today's standards. My new acquaintance said that none of his colleagues, nor he himself, regretted their choice. Since, thanks to the fact that they chose the profession of a logistician, they achieved a lot in their 25-26 years. Alexander said the most important thought at the end of our meeting. That in any profession you need to go with interest, with the desire to work, with the desire to achieve something in life, and then everything will definitely work out!

Arriving home after this meeting, I thought about it and definitely decided. And since I studied at the KSTU college named after I. Razzakov, I knew that the university has a faculty where they teach for the profession of a logistician, which I have already loved so much. And now, the future job has been chosen, the university has been found and now it remains to study and study, while there is time to learn the basics of the profession.

What is the essence of this profession? What does a logistician do? If you can try to outline the essence of the profession as simply as possible, then everything that concerns the movement of any material resource or finished product - from the moment of its inception until the moment it reaches the end consumer - this is the content of the logistician's activity.

Accordingly, the logistics task follows from the essence: management of material, information, financial flows with optimal costs.

The responsibilities of different logistics managers depend on the specifics of the job. Moreover, it depends not only on the direction (transportation, procurement, warehouse, foreign trade), but also on the type of activity of the enterprise.

Transport logist (head of the transport department). Interacts with transport and forwarding companies, observing the profitability of transportation (by cars, air or rail, sea routes, etc.). He is looking for carriers that satisfy the company in a price / quality ratio, negotiates, works on claims, coordinates and monitors the delivery time, prepares the necessary documentation for transportation. If the company has its own transport, the logistician controls its rational use in accordance with the established norms, supervises the employees of the department.

Warehouse logistics (warehouse manager). His tasks include management of work on the reception, rational placement, storage, packaging, release of inventory items in the warehouse. He organizes loading and unloading operations in the warehouse in compliance with labor protection and safety regulations. Draws up the documents necessary for the operation of the warehouse and for interaction with other divisions of the company.

Commodity logistics (purchases, stock formation). Places orders with suppliers (based on the sales plan), controls readiness for shipment, accompanying documentation (invoices, packing lists, export declarations, product certificates), verifies the data in documents with the terms of contracts, monitors the receipt of goods (quality and quantity control) ... Also, responsibilities may include analytical work: analyzing possible schemes and delivery times, the manager chooses the best option. He also analyzes the proposals of potential and existing suppliers according to the selected criteria, negotiates, concludes contracts. The commodity logistician, if necessary, is engaged in drawing up claims against suppliers, shipping companies. In addition, he maintains the entire accompanying document flow (settlements with suppliers, control of the timing of payments), maintaining a database.

Foreign economic activity manager (foreign economic activity). Supervises the implementation of contracts with foreign trade organizations for the supply of products abroad (export) and from abroad (import). Organizes and controls the passage of goods through customs, organizes mutual settlements between the owner of the transported goods and customs authorities, advises owners on customs clearance of goods. Conducts office work and reporting on all issues of foreign economic relations and customs clearance of documents.

From all this, I chose transport logistics, since, in my opinion, this is the most necessary and most profitable profession.