Bakshaliev Ali: Logistics and me

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Bakshaliev Ali

I am Bakshaliev Ali Zaurovich, majoring in Transport Logistics. A logist is a person who is professionally involved in the delivery of goods, their further storage, as well as the one who develops the most profitable supply scheme.

I chose this profession because I am attracted by the field of activity, in which these specialists work. This profession is in great demand in our time, especially in the companies involved in cargo transportation. Besides In addition, logisticians are needed by any manufacturing company - from industrial enterprises to agricultural firms, since produced products must be delivered to customers. My uncle works for one of the logistics companies and I enjoy listening to his stories about this profession and watching him grow in this area.

I decided to try myself in this activity, because I like to plan a route and in family trips this task usually lies with me. It seems to me that the profession of a logistician is quite promising, since a good logistician must know a foreign language, have skills in working with a PC and have a mathematical mindset. This profession makes it possible to go on business trips to different cities and countries, practice your skills there and get any new skills.

I know that the profession I have chosen is not easy at all. And I am aware of the responsibility that will fall on my shoulders. But I made my choice and will never change my mind. I am ready to make every effort to reach heights in this area and become a pride for my parents and teachers. I believe in myself, and I am sure that becoming a logistician is my destiny!

To be honest, after finishing the eleventh grade, I did not know which profession to choose, thinking about it for a long time, I remembered the stories of my uncle and the specialty of logistics. I began to search the Internet for all information about this profession, and something caught my eye, I stopped looking over other options for my future profession. Having enrolled in a logistics specialist, I do not regret my choice, and in the future I am going to reach great heights.