«Open Government with my eyes»

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Kulseitov Eldiyar

In many countries, the level of people's confidence in government has recently declined markedly. There is a restriction in the press by the authorities. These factors negatively affect the relationship between the people and the government, losing the basic principle of "the government serves the people, not the people to the government." I believe that the main directions of the Open Government, such as: open access to information on the work of the government, budget allocation and the provision of public services, will positively affect the development of states. This will improve the quality of decisions made by the state. Government reporting and transparency will help identify and prevent corruption schemes. The transparency of judicial institutions will allow citizens to be confident in their safety - everyone will be able to assert their rights without fear of being subjected to judicial arbitrariness. It will also positively affect the change of power. Since free access to information will allow the electorate to learn about the past political activities of candidates, the assessment of candidates becomes objective - this will allow the most “worthy” candidate to come to power.

What are the pros for Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan is already a member of an open government organization and is in the process of fulfilling its intended biennial plan. The implementation of this plan affects the country's reputation. Thus, a high rating of efficiency opens up the opportunity for cooperation with new international partners and attracts investors. This will improve the economy of our country.

Creation of SEZ in Kyrgyzstan for the development of regions - a high assessment of the implementation of the Open Government plan would guarantee the stability of the political situation and security for foreign investors, thanks to this it is possible to create certain zones in regions with simplified taxation and create conditions for unlimited withdrawal of funds (follow the example of Poland). It will stimulate investors to open and transfer production facilities to the territory of Kyrgyzstan, which will subsequently improve logistics between the cities of the Kyrgyz Republic, create additional jobs, and increase the level of infrastructure. In the event of conflict, a transparent judiciary will make it possible to fairly resolve issues.

As a result, all this in aggregate will allow to increase the country's GDP and the standard of living of the population as a whole. In my opinion, these principles should underlie every state where everyone is trying to benefit the common good.