Why did I choose the profession of a logistician?

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Abylgazieva Elnura

In childhood, everyone wants to make the right choice in 2 directions:

1) life partner

2) profession

I think that with the first one i will decide in the coming years. But I started thinking about the second one at school. In the 9th grade, it seemed 2 more years ahead, I have time to find my specialty, so to speak, my designation. Each of us has own place in this huge world. But time passed quickly, as I was already in the 11th grade. And it is The period when your relatives, friends, mates ask you "Which university are you planning to go to?" Does that sound familiar to you?) I didn't know what to answer them and ignored this question for a long time.

Since I was a teenager, I knew that, on the one hand, I wanted something related to mathematics, calculations, because i prefer more exact sciences. But on the other hand, interaction, communication with people, that is sociability. I didn't want to be an economist because in my opinion this profession has outlived its time. Then I wanted to go to Business Management, but something quickly changed my mind.

I started searching the Internet for what specialty might suit my preferences. Many specialties were offered on the Internet, ranging from a journalist to an accountant. But I didn't like it.I continued to search, stumbled upon logistics. At the beginning, it seemed to me a kind of new, incomprehensible word, besides, it is also a science. I started a mini-search of what it is. A day later, this specialty impressed me very much. That's how I learned about such a profession as a logistician in a day. I realized that this is what I need. Because your future profession will feed you all your life.

Telling my family that I have the answer to their question. On the same day, we gathered at a large table. Having announced the choice of profession, they were very happy for me, for my future. So, as they consider this profession promising, highly paid, and also the most important thing that interests me. My aunt having learned that I would become a logistician, was doubly glad, because it turns out she wanted to become one, but she also chose a very interesting profession.

Having decided on the choice of profession, I started looking for a university, preferably on a budget basis. I saw that there is such a direction in the I. Razzakov KSTU, and even a budget, I immediately accepted the choice.