Why did I choose the profession of a logistician?

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Baimatova Shakhnoza

Hello! My name is Baimatova Shakhnoza and I am 17 years old. At the moment, I am a 1st year student of Razakov KSTU with a degree in Logistics. And you may have a question: «Why?». Starting from the 8th grade, in my head I went through a bunch of options for the future profession. And who I just did not want to be, I wanted to try myself in completely different areas, ranging from medicine to directing.By the 11th grade, I could not decide and my choice was still rushing away from a variety of professions, in a variety of directions. The time was approaching the middle of the year, closer and closer to the Rebublican Testing. And then, I discovered a new direction: ''Logistics' My dad suggested it to me, and it was a whole new word for me. Initially, I had not heard of such a profession, and I thought: «Logistics? Does this have anything to do with logic?» But when my dad explained to me the essence and importance of logistics, I was very interested in it. When entering this specialty, it was required to pass a subject exam in mathematics. Which really stopped me a little bit, because we're not on very «good terms» with the tech sciences. But, I began to prepare diligently and went to additional courses. And here is the moment of truth. I passed the subject mathematics, which accurately determined my future profession. The choice of profession should be approached very carefully, because your life will depend on what choice you make. After studying all aspects of this profession, I thought: «Is this not my destiny?». To date, logistics is a very popular profession and very highly paid. On the shoulders of the logistician falls the implementation of the task: to transport from point A to point B, while with minimal costs, both financial and time.Key words of this profession: planning, efficiency, direction, organization, cooperation. Work in this profession requires from a person: good analytical skills, the ability to solve many problems without difficulty, leadership qualities. Having fully studied this profession, and all the qualities that it requires. I realized that she was perfect for me, and this is really something that I want to connect my life with. I am sure that I made the right choice in favor of this profession and I am sure that you will also find your purpose and achieve incredible heights in your profession