New Horizons of Scientific Publications: Seminar at ISL with Professor Tamas


A unique seminar took place at the International School of Logistics (ISL), providing invaluable insights for PhD logistics students enrolled in the Hungarian University program. The special guest, Professor Peter Tamas, PhD, an experienced academic with a rich background in research, shared key aspects of writing and preparing scientific papers with the seminar participants.

Professor Tamas conducted a thorough analysis of the conceptual part of scientific writing, emphasizing the importance of defining the main ideas and research goals for successful publication. He also highlighted innovative research methods that can enhance the quality of scientific publications and their successful placement in European peer-reviewed journals.

This seminar provided a unique opportunity for PhD students to enrich their knowledge and skills in scientific publication writing. Seminar participants received valuable recommendations on using WoS (Web of Science) and Scopus tools to find relevant research, as well as optimizing their publication strategies.

This event not only imparted valuable knowledge to students but also inspired them to further develop their skills in scientific research. Thanks to the seminar with Professor Peter Tamas, PhD, logistics program participants acquired the necessary tools and skills for a successful scientific career.