On June 27th, 28th, 29th, 2022 under the chairmanship of an experienced production worker, director of Vindoors LLC Dzhumabaev Erkin Borbutaevich and his deputy, a major specialist in public procurement Shirdakova Gulnur Turatbekovna, the final qualifying works of 4th year bachelors of the Department of Logistics of KSTU named after Iskhaak Razzakov. As part of the State Accreditation Commission (SAC) from the department, the bachelor's degree was evaluated by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Kydykov Azizbek Asanbekovich, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Dolotbakova Aida Keneshevna, teacher Zhenishova Begimai. We are pleased to announce that this year our students showed excellent knowledge of logistics and successfully defended their final qualification theses.

Department of "Logistics" under the guidance of Doctor of Economics, prof. Umetaliev Akylbek Saparbekovich did a serious job of preparing for the defence of final qualifying theses of bachelors. Students chose relevant and popular topics on public procurement, transport and entrepreneurial logistics.

It is gratifying to note that most of the students started working in the logistics industry even before receiving a diploma, for example, in the company "Central Asian Consulting", LLC "Global Supplier", LLC Dali-Trans, LLC "Vfreight", LLC "Ryan Tour", other enterprises and wrote works on their own materials. In fact, the Department of Logistics is a forge of personnel and contributes to the formation of the logistics industry in Kyrgyzstan.

Some graduates are owners of their own business, which we are very happy and proud of our bachelors. The pride of the department is our graduate — Amanturov Temirlan, who, while receiving a second higher education, while studying at the Department of Logistics, managed to open a plant for the production of dry building mixtures for the construction industry of LLC “Ottuk Agropitomnik”, and also owns a transport company in the Ton district of Issyk- Kul region. Another of the graduates, Ilsur Rakhimov, is the owner of the “Telescope” coffee chain in Bishkek.

As a result of the defence of graduation qualification works, the Department of Logistics has released 50 bachelors. I would like to note that out of 50 graduates, 37 students were rated “excellent” and 13 students were rated “good”.

Based on the results of three-day defences of final qualifying works, the state attestation commission noted several graduates who brilliantly coped with the task of the final qualification theses. Among them, Azhibaev Elaman with the topic “Organization and management of the process of moving and storing goods in the warehouses of an enterprise”, Bekk Victoria “Improving modern logistics in the field of tourism”, Sarybaev Tilek “Procurement management strategy: goals, objectives and stages of formation (on the example of LLC Global Saplier)”, Kalieva Ayan “Procurement logistics: the impact of supplier selection on the efficiency of the supply chain”, Ismailova Elmira “International logistics services (on the example of the company LLC “Vfreight”)”, Kubanychbekova Akmaral “Optimization of transport logistics of an enterprise”, Almazbekov Dastan “Analysis supply and marketing activities of the enterprise”, Goloshchapova Anastasia “Analysis of the compliance of the law on public procurement of the Kyrgyz Republic with the agreement on government procurement of the World Trade Organization (WTO)” and others.

We wish all our graduates good health, happiness, enthusiasm, grandiose goals and big projects! We wish to realize everything that was received within the walls of the university! Let your professional path be productive and promising! Forward to victories and new horizons!