Features of the work of the Official Public Procurement Portal Of the Kyrgyz Republic

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Bolotbekova Aimira

4th grade master - student,
Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakov,
Department of Logistics,

Annotation. The article discusses the features and recommendations for improving the operation of the electronic public procurement portal of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Keywords: public procurement, electronic public procurement portal, suppliers, purchasing organization.

Public procurement is the acquisition by the purchasing organization of goods, works, services and consulting services by methods established by the Law on Public Procurement, financed in whole or in part at the expense of public funds. [1]

The official public procurement portal of the Kyrgyz Republic dates back to 2011, when all public procurement began to be transferred to a single e-procurement portal. And since 2015, the publication of all public procurement procedures conducted by procurement organizations, from the publication of the announcement to the publication of the results of the tender, including pre-trial appeal procedures, has become mandatory. This helped to make public procurement more transparent, although the system had a number of drawbacks.. [2]

Advantages of working with the Official Public Procurement Portal:

• Equal and fair conditions and the development of competition is one of the most important aspects of the development process. the main objectives and principles, as well as the rules imposed in the framework of the public procurement system. The EGZ web portal allows registered suppliers located both in Bishkek and in the regions of the Kyrgyz Republic to see and participate. Worth noting. That foreign organizations can also participate in the competitions. One of the measures for the development of competition is the existence of special provisions according to which the use of restrictive and competition-reducing technical specifications and criteria is prohibited.

• Transparency and openness - Information about tenders and concluded contracts is publicly available for both registered and guest users.

The following information is available to guest users on the electronic public procurement website:

1) Public procurement plans - Budgetary institutions
- Extra-budgetary institutions
2) Ads - Total Ads
- Canceled Ads
3) Contracts - All contracts
- Central Procurement
contracts- Contracts based onDirect conclusion agreements that do not require the publication of an ad
4) Auctions
5) Purchase reports
6) Analytical data

• The possibility of implementing the entire cycle of procedures for both the purchasing organization and suppliers (contractors).

• The appeal mechanism – in the event of disputes between the parties to the public procurement procedures, as well as if there are grounds for violation of the law, the participants have the right to submit a complaint through the web-portal of public procurement in the Independent interagency Committee for the review of complaints (the protests) and inclusion in the Database unreliable (bad faith) and suppliers (contractors) at any stage of the procurement proceedings.

• Efficiency - The electronic public procurement system improves эффективность procurement efficiency for both parties: both for bidders and purchasing organizations.

• The use of the two-package method - is a subspecies of the one-stage method of conducting a tender, when at the first stage, compliance with the qualifications and technical requirements of the purchasing organization is evaluated, and at the second stage, the cost estimate, which should be the lowest.

Disadvantages of workingы with the Official Public Procurement Portal:

• Incompleteinformation about suppliersregistered as individual entrepreneurs is incomplete in the register of the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic.

• Lack of post-tender verification: in the legislation If there is no provision for post-tender verification, therefore the Contract between the supplier and the purchasing organization is not published on the Official Public Procurement Portal, respectively, there is no information on payments and on the performance of the contract.

• Incomplete database of unreliable suppliers - owners and management of organizations that are on the list of unreliable suppliers can re-registera new organization with the information of the previous organization for further participation in public procurement. In other words, such participants are actually not completely excluded from the system, which reduces the significance of this database.

• The site is not fully developed (writing, slow loading of necessary data).

• It takes a lot of time to fill out a tender application , especially for such tenders, in which the purchasing organization announces a tender for the purchase of food, or services for performing a large amount of work, etc., divides goods or services into separate lots

• Documents of state significance and special state forms: When conducting a tender for the purchase of documents of state significance and special state forms in accordance with the Government DecreeР No. 162 of April 15, 2019, the purchasing organization selects only among the public joint-stock companies "Uchkun", «Goznak» LLC, a state enterprise "Printing House" under the Administration of the President and Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in accordance with the approved procedure.

Recommendations for improving the work Official Public Procurement Portal:

• The ability to view the performance of the agreement, which accordingly requires the publication of the full text of the agreement and further actions under the agreement.( certificates of acceptance and transfer of work/services, information about payments and so onto alee.)

• Improvement of the legislative and regulatory framework in the field of public procurement, raising public awareness and improving the quality of public services. Thanks to the publicity, openness and legality of public procurement.

• Professional development of employees of procurement organizations in the field of public procurement and raising awareness of suppliers (contractors).

• It is necessary to provide for supplier organizations (contractors) to apply for exclusion from the Database of unreliable suppliers, if they have evidence that they have taken all possible measures to solvethe problems that led to the ban on participation in tenders. [3]

Despite the existence and improvement of laws, as well as the adoption of necessary measures in the field of public procurement, it is still necessary to develop some provisions to support the developing system of public procurement, as well as to improve the effectiveness of procurement procedures. At the same time, it is also necessary to maintain and improve the web portal of electronic public procurement.

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