Kalieva Aian Askatovna
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Procurement platforms in the Kyrgyz Republic
a third-year student in Iskhak Razakov Kyrgyz-German Technical Insitute, KGTI, Logistic. Annotation: The article discusses the platforms in which procurement is carried out in the Kyrgyz Republic. Keywords: procurement logistics, public procurement web portal, EBRD portal, platform, purchase statistics.
Gadzhiev Dany
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My future profession is Logistics
One of the main problems of students is the lack of a concept of their future profession. After all, this is a responsible step in life. The choice of profession depends entirely on you, as it should bring not only money but also pleasure. My future profession is logistics. Logistics is an interesting science of planning, organizing, and creating conditions for controlling material and related flows in production areas. This process is necessary to achieve the goals of the organization with the most optimal costs. Logistician – a person who organizes deliveries from one point to another. The logistics profession is included in the list of the ten most popular professions of the near future. Undoubtedly, this profession is important for society, although the work of logisticians remains unnoticed by consumers of goods or services. It is thanks to these people that you can judge the level of service of any company and make a choice in favor of professionals. In my opinion, a representative of this profession should have analytical thinking, leadership qualities, and the ability to lead not only directly on the spot, but also at a distance. Every logistician should have the ability to see the big picture, consisting of small puzzles-route selection, inventory management, order formation, and much more. The work of logisticians is not the easiest. Therefore, you need to have good analytical skills, as well as the ability to solve many problems at any time and in any state, to understand the principles of transportation, to have nerves of steel. No matter what, I will cultivate all these qualities in myself and become a logistician who will benefit society.
Abdulaeva Asel
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Features of tendering in public procurement
The work substantiates the relevance of the research topic, the purpose and objectives of the research. "Public procurement in a market economy and their concepts", considered the theoretical foundations, types and tasks of state. purchases. The basics of organizing and conducting tenders. The main recommendations for improving the efficiency of public procurement have been developed.
Salieva Adelina
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Information support of public procurement placement
Annotation Analysis of information support is an applied task. Its implementation makes it possible to determine the extent to which such a factor as the level of information support of processes satisfies the interest of the actors in the control object. In this course work, the actor is the state, which, using the Official website of the EIS in the field of procurement, creates conditions for the optimal functioning of the contract system.
Bakshaliev Ali
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Logistics and me
I am Bakshaliev Ali Zaurovich, majoring in Transport Logistics. A logist is a person who is professionally involved in the delivery of goods, their further storage, as well as the one who develops the most profitable supply scheme. I chose this profession because I am attracted by the field of activity, in which these specialists work. This profession is in great demand in our time, especially in the companies involved in cargo transportation. Besides In addition, logisticians are needed by any manufacturing company - from industrial enterprises to agricultural firms, since produced products must be delivered to customers. My uncle works for one of the logistics companies and I enjoy listening to his stories about this profession and watching him grow in this area. I decided to try myself in this activity, because I like to plan a route and in family trips this task usually lies with me. It seems to me that the profession of a logistician is quite promising, since a good logistician must know a foreign language, have skills in working with a PC and have a mathematical mindset. This profession makes it possible to go on business trips to different cities and countries, practice your skills there and get any new skills. I know that the profession I have chosen is not easy at all. And I am aware of the responsibility that will fall on my shoulders. But I made my choice and will never change my mind. I am ready to make every effort to reach heights in this area and become a pride for my parents and teachers. I believe in myself, and I am sure that becoming a logistician is my destiny! To be honest, after finishing the eleventh grade, I did not know which profession to choose, thinking about it for a long time, I remembered the stories of my uncle and the specialty of logistics. I began to search the Internet for all information about this profession, and something caught my eye, I stopped looking over other options for my future profession. Having enrolled in a logistics specialist, I do not regret my choice, and in the future I am going to reach great heights.
Ilyin Ilya
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Logistics and me
For a long time I tried to find my own profession, to which I will devote my whole life, into which I will go headlong. I started thinking about this after finishing ninth grade. My reflections and searches took two years. Before writing ORT (nationwide testing), I already stopped at individual entrepreneurship. But after writing ORT, holding a certificate with 176 points on the main test, I changed my mind. There were many options for admission, what should you choose? Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, Kyrgyz State National University, Bishkek Humanitarian University, and maybe even go abroad? But at one point my older brother advises me to study for the profession of a logistician. What? Why not, and what is logistics? I start looking for information on the Internet, asking friends from this area. My interest is growing. It seems that this is exactly what I would like to do in life. But which university should you apply to? I remember that my acquaintances study at the Department of Logistics at the Kyrgyz State Technical University, who then tell me what prospects await me when entering KSTU named after Razzakov, namely at the department of the Kyrgyz-German Technical Institute. Namely, smart guys from all over our country, wonderful teachers who know their job, the opportunity to fly to Germany to study, and if you try, then to work. Resolved! I am submitting documents. All men have been and are engaged in logistics in our family, while none of them has a special education. Their knowledge is based on personal experience. On the ups and downs. At one time, my father was involved in the transportation of goods from Kyrgyzstan to Russia and back. Currently, my uncle is sending fruits (apples, pears, apricots, etc.) to Russia. Since childhood, I saw and knew what logistics is. I firmly decided to follow in the footsteps of my relatives, as this is a very interesting business. You can work as a logistician both in a campaign and for yourself. At this point in time, logisticians are in great demand, almost any organization, company, enterprise needs them, since the manufactured products must be delivered to customers. It seems to me that the profession of a logistician is quite promising, since a good logistician must know foreign languages, have skills in working with a PC and have a mathematical mindset. This profession makes it possible to visit different countries and cities at work, to get acquainted with the culture of different peoples. Well, and of course, in this occupation, I am attracted by the salary, the work of logisticians is well encouraged with salaries, both in our country and abroad. I understand that being a logistician is a big responsibility. I must have analytical thinking, leadership qualities and the ability to lead not only on the object, but also at a distance. Knowledge in geography is also important. Understanding water basins and looking for profitable routes is what is required from a logistician. Social studies cannot be dispensed with. Here you need to know economics and politics, be able to communicate with people. We must not forget about languages, if I want to work with foreign companies, English and German are mandatory. You also need to be an excellent psychologist, be able to find an approach to any person in order to make deals. Many of my acquaintances do not consciously choose their future profession, the first part goes where everyone goes, and the second goes where the parents go. Subsequently, these people will hate their work, which means they are unlikely to make a good specialist. You need to enter any profession with interest, with a desire to work, to learn something new, with a desire to achieve something in life, and then everything will definitely work out!
Taalaibek uulu Azat
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Logistics and me
For a very long time I have been trying to find my own field of activity. After all, this is a very important step. You need to choose a profession very carefully. Find all the pros and cons. After all, it is in this profession that you have to work your whole life. I would like to start this essay on the path where I began to enter adulthood in small steps, so I studied for 3 years in college in the profession of network maintenance and computing. At first, I imagined it in a completely different way, to deal with technology, work on cool projects and can even make a robot, but it turned out to be just a small dream and in simple words saying "Expectation and reality." After graduating from college, I did not have a lot of professional experience and the vacancies that I could apply for required at least 1 year of experience, and it was also not a very good salary and conditions. After all this, I decided to completely change the level to which I want to devote my energy and precious time. So I went over everything, from a teacher to an entrepreneur. But then I heard about the logistician. This is a person involved in organizing supplies from one point to another. Having studied all the duties of a person in this profession, I began to think, maybe this is the work of my life? I really wanted to talk with people who work in this class, to find out whether they like their choice or not. I got acquainted with the logistician Alexander Lee. He told me that he himself was looking for his own business, according to the same criteria as me. And this, 1) work should be associated with communication; 2) highly paid; 3) not posing a danger to health; 4) the profession should be in demand. And so, focusing on these criteria, Alexander entered a profession called a logistician. He enlightened me that due to the fact that few people know about this profession, it is very highly paid. Working in this area, you can really buy yourself an apartment, a car, have a rest abroad and not deny yourself anything, and this is not even bad by today's standards. My new acquaintance said that none of his colleagues, nor he himself, regretted their choice. Since, thanks to the fact that they chose the profession of a logistician, they achieved a lot in their 25-26 years. Alexander said the most important thought at the end of our meeting. That in any profession you need to go with interest, with the desire to work, with the desire to achieve something in life, and then everything will definitely work out! Arriving home after this meeting, I thought about it and definitely decided. And since I studied at the KSTU college named after I. Razzakov, I knew that the university has a faculty where they teach for the profession of a logistician, which I have already loved so much. And now, the future job has been chosen, the university has been found and now it remains to study and study, while there is time to learn the basics of the profession. What is the essence of this profession? What does a logistician do? If you can try to outline the essence of the profession as simply as possible, then everything that concerns the movement of any material resource or finished product - from the moment of its inception until the moment it reaches the end consumer - this is the content of the logistician's activity. Accordingly, the logistics task follows from the essence: management of material, information, financial flows with optimal costs. The responsibilities of different logistics managers depend on the specifics of the job. Moreover, it depends not only on the direction (transportation, procurement, warehouse, foreign trade), but also on the type of activity of the enterprise. Transport logist (head of the transport department). Interacts with transport and forwarding companies, observing the profitability of transportation (by cars, air or rail, sea routes, etc.). He is looking for carriers that satisfy the company in a price / quality ratio, negotiates, works on claims, coordinates and monitors the delivery time, prepares the necessary documentation for transportation. If the company has its own transport, the logistician controls its rational use in accordance with the established norms, supervises the employees of the department. Warehouse logistics (warehouse manager). His tasks include management of work on the reception, rational placement, storage, packaging, release of inventory items in the warehouse. He organizes loading and unloading operations in the warehouse in compliance with labor protection and safety regulations. Draws up the documents necessary for the operation of the warehouse and for interaction with other divisions of the company. Commodity logistics (purchases, stock formation). Places orders with suppliers (based on the sales plan), controls readiness for shipment, accompanying documentation (invoices, packing lists, export declarations, product certificates), verifies the data in documents with the terms of contracts, monitors the receipt of goods (quality and quantity control) ... Also, responsibilities may include analytical work: analyzing possible schemes and delivery times, the manager chooses the best option. He also analyzes the proposals of potential and existing suppliers according to the selected criteria, negotiates, concludes contracts. The commodity logistician, if necessary, is engaged in drawing up claims against suppliers, shipping companies. In addition, he maintains the entire accompanying document flow (settlements with suppliers, control of the timing of payments), maintaining a database. Foreign economic activity manager (foreign economic activity). Supervises the implementation of contracts with foreign trade organizations for the supply of products abroad (export) and from abroad (import). Organizes and controls the passage of goods through customs, organizes mutual settlements between the owner of the transported goods and customs authorities, advises owners on customs clearance of goods. Conducts office work and reporting on all issues of foreign economic relations and customs clearance of documents. From all this, I chose transport logistics, since, in my opinion, this is the most necessary and most profitable profession.
Kalieva Ayan
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«Open Government with my eyes»
What is an open Government for all of us? Two months ago, I would not have asked this question until we had a guest lecture at our university on this topic. It so happened that in the modern world the possession of the necessary information makes us stronger and presents some advantages. Previously, our parents had to go to libraries and spend a single hour there to find out any information, but now, having access to the Internet, you can get everything you need with just a few taps on the screen. This is an advantage of our generation that should not be neglected. According to the National Action Plan of the International Partnership of the Open Government, we will be able to keep abreast of the life of the state through the implementation of an open data policy. Each citizen will be able to observe the activities of a government agency. Having implemented the National Plan, we will no longer hear more questions like “What is the state spending money on? "And eternal complaints that nothing is changing. But for this, citizens themselves should be interested in this. Since my specialty is in public procurement, I am concerned about the open and proper operation of this system. All public procurement is carried out on the public procurement portal, which ensures the openness of the process, reducing the occurrence of affiliate transactions. The creation of this portal increased competition between suppliers and made it possible to develop a tender focus in the country.Open data can provide more favorable conditions for the government, providing equal conditions for the private sector and high-quality goods and services for citizens. The introduction of open data in the public procurement process will allow to achieve a better price-quality ratio, create more fair competition and equal conditions for business between suppliers, especially for small firms. And most importantly, this will prevent fraud and corruption by promoting procurement analysis and better solutions to public problems. Therefore, it was so important to implement an open data policy in the public procurement process. Butas tender the orientation is relatively young, it is imperfect. For improvement, I would suggest making some amendments to the Law on Public Procurement. For example, to indicate measures to customers for the late return of the Guarantee security of the tender application (GOKZ) and the Guarantee security of the fulfillment of the contract (GOID), and for non-payment of the transaction within the specified time. Non-payment of the transaction amount and untimely return of the GOKZ and GOID is a big problem for bidders. In my practice of working in the tender department, I know that some organizations may not return the GOKZ and GOID for years, and the suppliers have no choice but to write regular letters to the management of the organizations asking them to return the amounts transferred earlier. Why can't organizations return money so quickly? Also, when working with tenders, you may encounter cases when the organization announces a tender, and then after some time before the autopsy report, cancel it. In this case, the suppliers can only hope for the repeated publication of this tender and wait for the day when they will return the already listed GOKZ. I believe that if we designate measures in the legislation for untimely returns and payment of transactions to organizations, in the form of charging fines to the organization for each delayed day, then cases of delayed return and payment of amounts will decrease.I believe that all of the above problems arise due to the lack of reporting for the post-tender phase. It is necessary to amend the Law “On Public Procurement”, where, after the suppliers confirm the transaction, the parties will have to upload to the portal all their subsequent actions, from the conclusion of the contract to the signing of acceptance certificates, payment of the contract amount, and return of the GOKZ and GOID, and also information about the quality of the goods used or the service provided. It would be possible to additionally introduce a system for evaluating supplier performance by customers on the portal, and vice versa, this would help both parties to have their own rating and direct recommendation, which would increase the responsibility of the parties. Another problem for public procurement is the long processing of complaints received by the Complaints Commission. According to the public procurement portal, only for the period of April 13, 2018. April 2, 2019 4279 complaints were filed with the Independent Interagency Complaints Commission. To solve this problem, it is necessary that the tender commission deal with the initial consideration of complaints, then the decision of the tender commission would be sent to the Complaints Commission. This process would disrupt the work of the commission. Despite the presence of the above unsolved problems at the moment, not This process would disrupt the work of the commission. Despite the presence of the above unsolved problems at the moment, not This process would disrupt the work of the commission. Despite the presence of the above unsolved problems at the moment, notI’m not to point out that in the latest amendments to the Law on Public Procurement of June 26, 2019 No. 76, there werealready corrected and made additions to many articles that have flaws. This proves that the government is ready to improve the system. and her best work. I am sure that besides me, many have their own ideas for improving and developing our state. And answering the question “What is an open Government for all of us? ", I can answer that this is an opportunity. Opportunity for the development of our state, making its contribution, highlighting various problems and offering its solution. After all, who, if not ourselves, will help ourselves to solve the problems that arise in our state?
Kulseitov Eldiyar
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«Open Government with my eyes»
In many countries, the level of people's confidence in government has recently declined markedly. There is a restriction in the press by the authorities. These factors negatively affect the relationship between the people and the government, losing the basic principle of "the government serves the people, not the people to the government." I believe that the main directions of the Open Government, such as: open access to information on the work of the government, budget allocation and the provision of public services, will positively affect the development of states. This will improve the quality of decisions made by the state. Government reporting and transparency will help identify and prevent corruption schemes. The transparency of judicial institutions will allow citizens to be confident in their safety - everyone will be able to assert their rights without fear of being subjected to judicial arbitrariness. It will also positively affect the change of power. Since free access to information will allow the electorate to learn about the past political activities of candidates, the assessment of candidates becomes objective - this will allow the most “worthy” candidate to come to power. What are the pros for Kyrgyzstan? Kyrgyzstan is already a member of an open government organization and is in the process of fulfilling its intended biennial plan. The implementation of this plan affects the country's reputation. Thus, a high rating of efficiency opens up the opportunity for cooperation with new international partners and attracts investors. This will improve the economy of our country. Creation of SEZ in Kyrgyzstan for the development of regions - a high assessment of the implementation of the Open Government plan would guarantee the stability of the political situation and security for foreign investors, thanks to this it is possible to create certain zones in regions with simplified taxation and create conditions for unlimited withdrawal of funds (follow the example of Poland). It will stimulate investors to open and transfer production facilities to the territory of Kyrgyzstan, which will subsequently improve logistics between the cities of the Kyrgyz Republic, create additional jobs, and increase the level of infrastructure. In the event of conflict, a transparent judiciary will make it possible to fairly resolve issues. As a result, all this in aggregate will allow to increase the country's GDP and the standard of living of the population as a whole. In my opinion, these principles should underlie every state where everyone is trying to benefit the common good.
Gorbunova Victoria
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"Implementation of outsourcing services in public institutions" (on the example of KSTU named after I. Razzakov)
Abstract Based on the results of the study of my graduate qualification work, confirm the relevance of the trend of transferring part of the work of a budgetary institution to a third-party specialized organization for outsourcing. The university is an educational institution and all efforts should be directed to the high quality of the provision of educational services, and not to control over the provision of infrastructure maintenance services. In this case, with the help of outsourcing, the quality of infrastructure maintenance services is improved. Content Introduction Chapter 1. Theoretical and methodological foundations of public procurement 1.1. The concept and essence of public procurement 1.2. Goals and objectives of public procurement 1.3. Legislation and public procurement procedures in Kyrgyz Republic 1.4. The use of outsourcing in public procurement Chapter 2. Analysis of prerequisites for the implementation of the procurement of outsourcing services in government agencies 2.1. Analysis of the implementation of PPP in the Kyrgyz Republic 2.2. Organizational structure and scope of KSTU activities named after I. Razzauov 2.3.Analysis of the possibilities of introducing outsourcing in KSTU named after I. Razzakov Chapter 3. Proposals for the implementation of the procurement of outsourcing services in government agencies 3.1. The use of electronic tendering in the procurement of services 3.2. Proposals for the implementation of the procurement of outsourcing services in KSTU them. I. Razzakov 3.3. Holding a tender for the procurement of outsourcing services Conclusion Referency The full content of the thesis by reference
Kasymbekov Daniyar
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"Procurement of goods applying logistics tools " (on the example of ARIS)
Abstract Each person buying a product is guided by two basic rules: low price and good quality. The choice of the best purchase option depends on the satisfaction of the needs for goods, receipt of the goods in full and within an acceptable time frame. Purchase (Procurement) even during the times of the Great Roman Empire was one of the most important functions of providing numerous warriors-legions with all the necessary goods, from provisions to weapons, lay on the shoulders of buyers. Content Introduction Chapter 1. Theoretical and methodological foundations of procurement of goods 1.1 The main goals and objectives of the procurement of goods 1.2 Principles of procurement of goods 1.3 Methods of purchasing goods by means of tenders (tender) Chapter 2. Activities and tender process of the Community Development and Investment Agency 2.1 Activities of the Community Development and Investment Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic 2.2 The tender process for the procurement of goods on the example of the Community Development and Investment Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic 2.3 Procurement of goods on the example of the Community Development and Investment Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic Chapter 3. The main problems of tenders (tenders) and ways to resolve them 3.1 Main factors of unfair procurement 3.2 Training, professional development of buyers 3.3 Resolution of conflict situations 3.4 Information technology in the procurement system Conclusion Referency
Zamirbek kyzy Zhanylysh
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"Application of models in procurement planning" (on the example of ARIS)
Abstract The procurement positioning model is a tool for determining the importance of purchased goods, taking into account the following data: • Level of expenditures for the purchase of goods • Impact of goods on the organization • Opportunities and risks when purchasing goods The procurement positioning model allows you to prioritize supplier evaluations, helps define procurement methods and the level of responsibility of the procurement department. Content Introduction Chapter 1. Methodology for applying models in procurement planning 1.1 General concepts and characteristics of the procurement of goods, works and services 1.2 Forms of models when developing a procurement plan Chapter 2. Analysis of the applied procurement planning models in ARIS 2.1 Activities of the Community Development and Investment Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic 2.2 Analysis of tenders in AIRS on the basis of the chosen model Chapter 3. Efficiency and improvement of applied models 3.1 The essence and importance of public procurement 3.2 Improvement of the public procurement system Conclusion Referency
Shirdakova Gulnur
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"Mechanism for reducing risks in the field of public procurement"
Abstract Based on the results of the study, as recommendations, it is proposed to pay attention to the following: 1. Further improvement of regulatory legal acts in the field of public procurement, including the development of interpretation and application of the Laws of the Kyrgyz Republic "On public procurement" and "On the fight against corruption"; 2. Continuation of automation of the public procurement system, treasury and tax and customs structures; 3. Coordinated actions of fiscal and law enforcement agencies in the field of targeted use of public funds. 4. Continuing training of personnel involved in the public procurement process, improving the professional level of procurement specialists, with particular emphasis on training the suppliers, since it is in this area that there are gaps. It is obvious that these measures to prevent risks and eliminate corruption schemes in public procurement must be accompanied by the fostering of a patriotic spirit not only of a civil servant, but also of business representatives, the accumulated knowledge and experience of foreign countries. Content Introduction Chapter 1. Overview of existing risks in the public procurement system 1.1 Fraud and Collusion in the Public Procurement System 1.2 International experience in combating corruption in procurement Chapter 2. Assessment of the level of corruption in public procurement in the Kyrgyz Republic 2.1 Corruption component of public procurement and economic security of the Kyrgyz Republic 2.2 Legal framework for preventing corruption schemes, in accordance with the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "On public procurement" Chapter 3. Improving Anti-Corruption Methods in Public Procurement 3.1 Methodological approaches to preventing risks in public procurement 3.2 Electronic procurement as a factor in reducing the level of corruption Conclusion Referency
Turgunalieva Asel
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"Optimization of the functional structure of the public procurement portal in the Kyrgyz Republic"
Abstract In the course of a comparative analysis of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "On public procurement" dated April 3, 2015. with the old law of May 24, 2004 with the main changes in the new Law were: 1. Systematization of public procurement procedures. 2. Transition to electronic procurement. 3. Complete exclusion of coordination functions with the authorized state body 4. Revision of the functions of the procurement department and tender commissions. 5. Improvement and improvement of procedures for handling complaints and protests 6. Strengthening the responsibility for public procurement through the introduction of the mandatory use of electronic procurement and the publication of the entire process on the EGZ Portal. 7. Implementation of framework agreements as a form of contract. Content Introduction Chapter 1. Analysis of the system of public electronic procurement 1.1 The state of electronic commerce in the Kyrgyz Republic and developed countries: main trends 1.2 Conceptual framework legal regulation of electronic public procurement 1.3 Formation of electronic public procurement in the Kyrgyz Republic Chapter 2. Institutional mechanisms for improving electronic public procurement in the Kyrgyz Republic 2.1 Analysis of the functional structure of the portal of state electronic procurement 2.2 Analysis of the state of the regulatory legal framework for the functioning of the portal public electronic procurement Chapter 3. Sustainability of the e-procurement system 3.1 Expanding the accessibility of the public procurement portal 3.2 Mechanisms for ensuring the financial sustainability of the portal of state procurement Conclusion Referency
Isaeva Anastasia
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"State and prospects for the development of electronic procurement in the Kyrgyz Republic"
Abstract Based on the analysis of the summary data on the conducted public procurement procedures in terms of methods for 2017, it is necessary: 1) Revise the law "On public procurement" for the possible permission of purchases up to 30 thousand. catfish through the electronic catalog. 2) On the basis of the electronic portal, it is possible to create an electronic catalog, with fixed constantly updated prices for goods and services, for the conduct of small purchases without announcing a tender. Thus, procurement times and costs are reduced. 3) Regular updating of the database of domestic and foreign suppliers (contractors) and the database of unreliable (unscrupulous) suppliers (contractors) with publication on the portal. In this way, supplier confidence and competitiveness will increase. 4) Qualified training is required for external and internal audit of public procurement. Content Introduction Chapter 1. International experience in the formation of the electronic public procurement system 1.1 Preconditions for the development of electronic procurement 1.2 Formation of the system of electronic public procurement in the world Chapter 2. Electronic public procurement systems in the Kyrgyz Republic 2.1 Formation and development of electronic public procurement Kyrgyzstan 2.2 Public procurement regulatory framework and process electronization 2.3 The state of electronic public procurement and their prospects development Chapter 3. Improving the e-procurement system 3.1 Institutional aspects of improving electronic public procurement 3.2 Technical aspects of improving the electronic portal Conclusion Referency
Jeenbekova Alisa
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"Analysis and efficiency of public procurement at the enterprise" (on the example of the plant "Makmal gold"
Abstract The studies I have carried out have confirmed that with a more detailed and professional approach to planning procurement activities, the company can receive a more significant economic effect in the future. This decision can be made by his manager after the current year, comparing the results of the enterprise with the traditional and professional approach to procurement. Content Introduction Chapter 1. Theoretical foundations of the implementation of public procurement and orders 1.1 The concept and essence of public procurement 1.2 Legal regulation of public procurement 1.3 The procedure for conducting public procurement and assessing their effectiveness Implementation Chapter 2. Analysis and efficiency of public procurement on the example of the plant "Makmalzoloto" 2.1 General production characteristics of the enterprise 2.2 Organization of procurement activities 2.3 Problems of procurement activities Chapter 3. Improving the process of participation of the plant "Makmalzoloto" in the public procurement system 3.1 Directions for improving the process participation in the system of state procurement 3.2 Assessment of the economic efficiency of the proposed measures Conclusion Referency
Duishaeva Meerim
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"Institutionalization of the procedure for concluding a framework agreement within the framework of public procurement" (on the example of the activities of the supply and public procurement department at the KNU named after J. Balasagyn)
Abstract In order to improve the institutional framework of public procurement in terms of the procedures for framework agreements, it is proposed to envisage, along with closed framework agreements with competition at the second stage, also closed framework agreements with competition at the second stage (most effective for centralized procurement and for procurement, the need for which arises on an urgent basis), as well as open framework agreements. It is also recommended to improve the functionality of the framework agreement procedures on the public procurement portal, so the functionality available today does not facilitate the application of framework agreement procedures in practice, including practical public procurement of Kyrgyz National University. Content Introduction Chapter 1. Analysis of the university's public procurement system 1.1 The public procurement system of the institution 1.2 Analysis of the structure of the category of purchasing resources 1.3 Analysis of the method of public procurement Chapter 2. Procedures of the framework agreement in the public procurement system 2.1 Classification of framework agreement procedures 2.2 Institutional framework for framework agreement procedures in the system public procurement 2.3 Role and methods of framework agreement procedures in the system of government procurement institution Chapter 3. Improving Framework Agreement Procedures 3.1 Methodology for applying framework agreement procedures in the system public procurement institutions 3.2 Improvements to the framework agreement procedures on the portal public procurement 3.3 Recommendations for improving the institutional framework for procedures framework agreements Conclusion Referency